The Riggs Vocal Method is a results based vocal technique that balances and builds the range of men and women using a bridging process which implements specific vocal exercises to provide a seamless transition and connection from one part of the vocal register to the next with a resting larynx.  This enables the student and teacher to sing in a comfortable manner with the ability to sing freely throughout their range and with great confidence.

The Riggs Vocal Method is a proven method that is dedicated to training, mentoring and building a strong group of quality voice teachers.


Demystifying the Voice

“In my experience of training singers for over 18 years, it doesn’t matter what kind of background the client has in voice or age or gender of the student.  The problem with most singers is that they don’t know how to navigate in a healthy way how to sing from the bottom register into the top with out great strain or a huge break. This method remedies exactly that by building in the middle register, the mix. I’m now sharing this method by mentoring  those that would like to be a part of a vocal community and share on in this legacy dedicated to my father.”

Kathleen Riggs

Los Angeles, CA